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5 Facts Every Investor Should Know Before Buying Silver in the U.S.

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© 2018, LLC. All rights reserved., LLC sells a wide range of full range of coins, rare currency, and precious metals products to investors and collectors. Education and information is provided to prospective customers free of charge to assist in the selection process. All investments involve risk; precious metals, including coins and bullion are no exception. Valuation of precious metals is subject to many economic factors including, but not limited to, value of currency, jewelry and industrial demand, economic uncertainty, production supply, and the overall global and national economic health. The value of an individual metals product, such as bullion bars, bullion coins, semi-numismatic coins, and numismatic coins is affected by several factors including, but not limited to, current market price, current retail price, perceived scarcity, condition, dates, and mint marks. The price of precious metals can go down in price as well as up; investing in them is not suitable for everyone. Precious metals should be considered a long-term investment and buyers should be prepared to hold for at least three to five years, to maximize the potential for gains. Precious metals should make up no more than twenty percent of buyer’s available investment funds. Past performance of a specific investment type, including precious metals, does not guarantee future results. Prior to undertaking any investment transaction, the buyer should consult their own financial, accounting, tax, or legal professional to evaluate the risks, consequences, and suitability of that transaction.

1 - Big Banks are buying precious metals in bulk at alarming rates

2 - Most Investors pay too much in extra premiums

3 - US law does NOT regulate distribution and taxation of transfers

4 - There can be multiple middle men, each taking their share

5 - Only a few companies can actually deliver on the investment

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